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Patent: 600 f/4 DO IS & 400 f/2.8 DO IS

Patent: 600 f/4 DO IS & 400 f/2.8 DO IS

Patent Time!
More diffractive optic patents from Canon. This time, another 600 f/4 IS DO lens and a 400 f/2.8 DO IS.

With the cost of the new super telephotos from Canon, I can’t imagine what new DO lenses would cost.

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Lets Play Chess

Lets Play Chess

I hear Canon won.
A couple of gents at got bored during their move to new digs and decided to play some chess!

Canon won the game with a Fischer like performance.

I know what you’re thinking. Can you rent this chess set? The answer is yes!

For $7654.75 you can rent this chess for a 4 days, this will include the damage insurance for when you knock your king over after a terrible loss.

What about buying it? Sure can! $151,202.17 you can buy the pieces necessary to do this at home. As mentions, buy now before the new Canon supertelephotos hit the market. The price will skyrocket. To entice you even more, they’ll throw in a free t-shirt!

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