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I was flipping though emails trying to find some worthy news, nothing came up. So I decided to give my top 10 Canon DSLR's.

1) Rebel/300D
It was the first sub $1000 SLR, it could be easily hacked to unlock a pile of 10D features and it had great image quality. This camera really opened the doors for digital SLR's

2) 20D
Tough call vs the 5D, but the 20D was the first “prosumer” camera to really break open the whole segment. Plenty of 20D owners went to the next camera on our list.

3) 5D
The first “affordable” full frame camera. It also boasts some of the best image quality ever produced by a digital SLR. Pictures taken with the 5D can still look magnificent today.

4) 1Ds Mark II
Massive resolution for the time and unparalleled image quality. This camera converted a lot of film users.

5) 40D
I just loved this camera. I think the IQ is fantastic and 10mp is just about pefect.

6) 1D Mark II/IIn
Blazing fast, fantastic autofocus and a staple of sports photography.

7) Rebel XSi/450D
This Rebel really matured the line I think. I think it's the best built Rebel to date. We'll see what the T1i has on offer.

8) D30
It has to be on the list, so I put it here. :)

9) 5D Mark II
Some say it's missing features and sexiness for specs, I don't really agree. It's a camera with fantastic image quality. I have to put it on the list just for its video mode.

10) 1D Mark III
I love mine.. so it's here!


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  1. can’t understand about canon 40D
    it’s the less trusty camera
    almost every cameras had a shutter failure @ 10.00 -20.000 clicks

  2. do you have some data to support that? this is the first time I’ve heard of the 40D having a shutter issue.

  3. give a look at the digital review forum

    or google 40D shutter error 99

    then do it with nikon or other brands or models

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