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I've been asking a few people on their thoughts about the chances of seeing new pro bodies in 2009. The general consensus has been that we might see a 1D near the end of 2009 and will not see a new 1Ds until 2010.

Since the sub mirror fix, the 1D has been selling relatively well. Obviously not as well as Canon hoped before the release. People have had very good experiences with the camera and the positive press from users has helped with a resurgence of sales.

It has sold about as well as planned. It's a high margin camera with a price tag that probably won't be staying stable through 2009. You can expect solid price drops. It's a great camera, with amazing resolving power that impresses anyone that uses it. Like the 1D, it's just missing the “sexiness” of the D3… whatever that means.

Nikon D3/D3x
It appears Nikon will be launching a 24mp version of the D3 on the 1st of December if our friend at Nikon Rumors is correct. This will be sure to cause a lot of Canonites to become quite angry and green. I can almost see the forum threads now!

2009 isn't going to be Canon's year of “wow”(sorry Microsoft) unless you want a new Rebel or a 60D. So sit tight, and enjoy making great images with your currect EOS-1's… I will be.


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  1. What happened to the new Canon 24mm f/1.4????
    And will there be updated versions of the L 35mm and 50 mm in 2009? Will Canon produce something to rival the Nikon 12-24 f/2.8 zoom? I mean, how long will Canon be without a reply to this – http://www.16-9.net/ ?

  2. 24 f/1.4L II will be coming along soon.

    Nikkor 14-24 is a fantastic lens, as is the Canon 14 II. I had much better results with the Canon than 16-9 did.

    I don’t expect Canon to ever release such a lens, it’s a niche market thing. Canon is going to sell a lot more 16-35’s and 17-40’s than Nikon will of the 14-24. One big reason is you can’t filter the Nikon (easily). I know at least 2 landscape photographers that have taken a pass on the 14-24 for that reason.

    Canon needs to update the 17-40. It would be a much better seller, and could be just as sharp.

    We’ll see.

  3. Why will Canon owners be angry and green? Nikon have a nasty habit of releasing a pro camera then improving it with an ‘x’ version less than a year later. I know of a pro who always upgrades to the improved version. He won’t admit it but I know for a fact he’s sick of shelling out for a new camera every twelve months. And his pictures aren’t any better. At least when Canon launch a camera they have he decency to let you use it for a few years before asking for your cash again. As for all this whinging about resolution, go and shoot some medium format film if you want it BIG. There’s plenty of cheap systems out there. Or have you forgotten how?

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