There is still no solid information in regards to when we can expect an announcement. I get random emails saying October or February. It's all guesses at the moment.

A regular source of information says the new 1D will introduce the DIGIC V processor. This processor will not only be faster, but it will also be geared to video recording. The faster processors will allow for RAW video to be shot.

The source had no spec information outside of that.

Nothing of note coming in about lenses. Other than wishful thinking.


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  1. …and for everyone worried about the poor 5D2 being out done by the 3D, get over it, 5D3 will be coming around the corner…

    The only things I would even consider trading up from my mkII to a new version would be having the same focusing system/AF points as the new 1Ds and similar weather sealing. Otherwise, it will be some time before that one leaves my bag. (although a mkIII with the same rumored 32mp as the 1Ds might change my landscape photographer’s mind, we’re getting to the “and you need a medium format camera in your lineup…why?” place)

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