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1D Mark 4 [CR2]

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I think I’ve finally received some information that is more than a wishlist.

16mp Full Frame CMOS
Dual DIGIC. Unsure whether it’s DIGIC 4 or 5
GPS (Unsure whether it’ll be an addon or built into the camera this time)
Wifi (Built in)

I’m promised more information later this week.


202 responses to “1D Mark 4 [CR2]”

  1. Steve this is BIG WAVE ,,The mk4 canon is out and I have to say IM AM BUMMED ON ITS SPECS.. It is now time for me to buy the NIKON D3s!! … This is just an unfixed mk3 camera to try to keep up with NIKON ..It is not the all the plugs pulled out camera I was working on.. The UNLUCKY DEATHNELL unfixed mk4 canon is here …… Its time for NIKON . ..I am so bummed,, The mk4 IS A LOOOOSER!!! not even a 3 second burst in RAW!! Thats Just RETArTED!!!!!CANON YOU BLEW IT!!!! NOT BEING FULL FRAME IS ALSO RETArTED. The 7D is an equal to the RETArTED MICCKY MOUSE mk4 JOKE!!!!! canon YOU BLEW IT!!!!!!! canon YOU BLEW IT!! NIKON MAKE A D3s FOR ME..!! It is time to change to NIKON! PS canon you BLEW IT,, YOUr SO OFF THE TARGET I CANNOT BELIVE IT!!!!!Ps Im glad i dont work on your CAMERAS ANY MORE !! AND im NOT BUYING YOUR UNLUCKY UNFIXED EXPENSIVE ~~~~@!!!! YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL,,,, YOU BLEW IT ..YOUR LACK SALES WILL SHOW YOU HOW UNLUCKY THE NUMBER 4 IS!!!!! YOU BLEW IT canon !!!! WATCH HOW MANY BLACK NIKON LENS YOU SEE ON THE SIDE LINES,, SHOW UP.. and see if any white ones are around in a year .. DID I SAY CANON YOU BLEW IT AND IM AM BUMMMMMMMED ,,I was a canon man and you made me change!!!!!!I WAS WAITING FOR A retaRted already out dated miCKY mOUse mk4 for WAY TO LONG,,but its ok I guess becase the nikon D3S will be out before the unfix mk4..

  2. THE only hope left for canon is that MK 5 (5yes5)_Ds studio camera gets its act together. Hopefully before I get a NIKON Your making COKE BOTTLE GLASS out of my collection (was good but nothing to attach it to) I have just started looking at Sony because they make Nikons Chip..And some BEST OF CLASS GLASS. The mk4 is canons bad luck for sure..4 means bad luck and death,,in Japan.. This ReTaRtEd mk4 is what the mk3 should have been!!!! canon you are now a FIRST PLACE LOOOOOSER… ,,,its a poor excuse for new tech.. The 7D is better for the buck… I just cannot believe ,,you put out this JOKE ,,its almost like you want to loose..

    the mk4 IS A LOOSER!!!

  3. NOW YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND NOW HOW UPSET I AM AT canons piece of TRASH FIRST PLACE LOOOOOSER Camera they just announced!!!! IT would not surprise me if canon put more thought into where they could put more buttons on the bad luck camera than to make it a great camera.. FIRST PLACE LOOOSER CAMERAS DONT SELL WELL BECAUSE THEY SUCK!!!!!! oh maybe you need some more BUTTONS AND PAINT THEM A PRETTY COLOR IT WILL MAKE THE CAMERA WORK BETTER!!!!! YES THAT WILL HELP SALES TOO,, YOU GUYS AT CANON ARE BoZo ReTaRdS..PS THE d mk4 is a JOKE and IT DID NOT HAVE TO BE…

  4. BIG WAVE Dont fret I have a friend who has seen the CANON MK4 DS at an event being tested 10 frames a second FULL FRAME LIKE IT SHOULD BE>!!!!!!!!.!!! Now that doesnt mean it will have iso at 100,ooo but you can hope so… If not it will be time for Nikon.. THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS HIDING IT BIG TIME BUT MY FRIEND VIEWED IT WITH A LONG LENS,,AND THEN GOT BEHIND IT AND HEARD THE SWEET SOUND OF TEN FRAMES A SECOND!!!! Yes maybe Canon doesnt want to be a first place looser rEtArD,,I love how you express your self!!Hope you dont mind that I copied your expresssion.. Also just to let you know the 7D will sell better than the MK4..And I really think Canon should not call it a MK4,,really bad Idea here in Japan Death and bad luck.. It really is, setting up for ,poor sales for the mk4. ,,The Nikon is just alot better and the MK4 is just a fix it MK3.. The hi tech Items you talked are coming like you said,, but may be the next next generation,..

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