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"I need a diaper!"
"I need a diaper!"

Honestly, I'm getting tired of writing these types of posts.

Free inspection and cleaning for oil spots on EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III

Canon has discovered that images taken by some EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III digital SLR cameras may exhibit ring-shaped spots and is now offering free inspections and cleaning to solve this phenomenon.

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  1. Honestly anyone who is still a Canon apologist at this point is part of the reason Canon is able to get away with all of this. I have a 1d3 and a 5d2. I almost jumped ship to Nikon a year ago but decided to give Canon one more chance to prove they were still in the game, so I waited for the 5d2 and bought one thinking that they would have learned their lesson from the 1d3. They obviously haven’t learned anything at ALL – my 5d2 is a disaster. I am 100% convinced that Canon has almost no QC program at this point. What a sad situation for a company that has traditionally made some of the finest camera equipment in history.

  2. This camera is spectacular! It is so easy to use, takes the absolute best pictures and it’s super fun to use. I’ve read people complaining about the lens cap, it clicks on fine, no problems. The flash works great, if you want more light in low light conditions, buy another flash. The fact that I can record video and then take pictures and zoom in while recording is terrific, I’ve used that a lot. My favorite camera, I LOVE IT!!

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