Canon Canada…

I spoke with Canon Canada and they've instructed me to send the camera to the service centre in Mississauga.

Canon USA…

Right out of left field.

Canon has announced a new AF fix for the EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III. This is in addition to the sub mirror fix issued earlier by Canon, and requires returning the camera to Canon for service. New firmware for the 1D Mark III and 1Ds Mark III has also been released to fix issues with live view, USB communication, and to update camera error codes. This brings the versions up to 1.2.5 and 1.1.4 respectively, and is available for download now.

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How to get the best out of your 1D Mark III

Download the firmware
1Ds Mark III 1.1.4:

1D Mark III 1.2.5:


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  1. In the case of the autofocus, it is certain that Canon did not know what the problem was. They discovered and fixed several things with regard to stationary subjects, but could not reproduce the problem of moving subjects after taking thousands of photos. They asked for input from photographers as to what conditions were causing the problem. It turns out that several conditions were needed. Among them, very high temperatures and very bright sun or bright backlighting with a subject moving towards the camera while it was in AI servo mode. The lens aperture needed to be wide open, or the problem might be masked by the depth of field. Since many users were not photographing under these conditions, they were happy and did not see a problem. The hardware and software involved is extremely complex, so I hope it is fixed now.

    I’m like you, I’ve been holding off, and now that I have a 5D II which performs perfectly for me, I may not get a 1D series.

  2. For the sake of all the MKIII owners I’m glad. I got a MKII the moment it came out. I was in no hurry so I decided to wait on the MKIII and see what was up because I would have needed to sell my MKII. I’m sure many current MKIII owners are glad they bought when they did and many made the right decision but personally I’m glad I did not. I’ll be betting they get the MKIV right the first time and I’ll be ordering it as soon as it’s available. X my fingers….

  3. That’s how competition works (atleast you would hope)

    I wish I could have all 4…. 1d/s III, D3/x

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