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1D Mark III Service Advisory Update

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Back from Canon
I sent my 1D3 out to Canon Canada on March 3, 2009. It has been shipped back and I should have it today. If I notice a significant difference in the performance of the camera, I’ll let you all know. I feel my camera was already performing to spec.


11 responses to “1D Mark III Service Advisory Update”

  1. Would it be possible to see more commentary on how effective the “new fix” is, and less on how digital gear nerds are ruining the industry, not that you’re wrong lisa, I agree with most of what you say, but I would like to know if the fix is effective, so I can stop editing sports images for both composition and focus….

  2. Question about the 1DMkIII… this focus issue…are the newly shipped MkIIIs still suffering with this focus issue? I spoke with Canon and they assured me that the problem has been corrected. I asked them “from what serial number and forward, are all of the firmware and hardware updates applied to?” They told me they couldn’t tell me but that if I buy one and if I call them with my serial number then they can tell me. So in other words, they don’t want me to shop around for a body with the updates applied because they don’t want those affected bodies still sitting on shelves. This is disappointing. I need to upgrade my camera body but I hate the sensor on the 50d and the 5d is too slow and I don’t want 21mp. I have too much invested with Canon to switch to Nikon. SO again…if I buy a brand spanking new one today, is the autofocus fixed or not?

  3. yes. Mine is 554426, arrived at my door 2/21/08, purchased form B&H about 4 days before it arrived. It is quite reliable, and is fast, way out does the 9 point system, but a lot of my images are just a hair soft (I’m a pixel peeper) that said a lot are perfect, I suspect slight motion blur or by lens correction necessary, though the top comment by the admin intrigued me.

  4. Wow what a maroon you are. What make you think your so good and others so bad. Why don’t you sell all your Canon gear and switch to the compatition if you think there any better.

    Stop complaining you looser, to blame other photographers for your short comings is pathetic.

  5. I was told by someone that has a source on the inside that told me to take my MarkIII in. It’s more that a firmware update, It’a an electronic adjustment that can only be made by Canon. My MarkIII worked perfectly, and I was very hesitant to take it in you know if it ain’t broken….

    Anyway I sent it in and It is one of the new cameras way past the serial numbers that had the mirror fix issue.

    I figure if it is improved by one percent, thats better than not having it fixed. And if you want to sell your gear, you can assure the buyer that it has all the latest updates.


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