1. if all of you just picked up your cameras and took pictures this forum would not exist. enjoy the beauty of photography that is why we picked up a camera in the first place. My favorite camera is the little light box my uncle bought me in 1984, i thought it was made of gold. when i pick up my camera now thats what i think of.

  2. It feels that Canon never go past Nikon now days,with 5D Mark II ,7D and 1D Mark IV.

    Nikon have much better pic’s directly from their cameras.

    I use a 5D MK II and are happy about it,BUT.

    When i compare photos with my nikon friends,i sometime,not all the time,get the feeling that my photos need some work in photoshop or something and (almost)never in the other way.

    I always shoot raw and like to play with photoshop but i dont feel that i have any choice.

    Nikon,(And Pentax,Sony) have D-lightning that work,Canon’s Auto Lighting Optimiser dont.

    And Nikon also have effective in-camera reduction of fringing on JPEGs.

    It’s a useful feature found on Nikon DSLRs and one which Canon still doesn’t implement in-camera,WHY?

    I have too many Canon lenses to change,but if i should make a choice today….than Nikon have been number one.

    On all Canon forums the Canon owners talk about how much better Canon are,but thats not the biggest issue on Nikon forums.

    Them now have the feeling of number one,and i dont see anything from Canon that shall help them get that place again .

    If 5D mark II 2008 have get the AF that 7D than get,and have get 5 frames/sek than Canon have get it right.

    But now them seems to be a bit late with everything.

    Canon cant save the situation and come with a 5D Mark III that only have those improvements.

    And them know that(i hope).

    And why keep trying with the pixel race?

    Slow down Canon,and make cameras that people feel is ready.

    7D was almost in my hand,but i dont like the big difference in photo quality compare to my 5D Mark II.(That’s good and bad)

  3. Ok, I shoot cars, cars move. I’ve owned a bunch of canons. From 10d’s when they first came out, 20d, 1n’s, 1ds mark 2, tested the 5d and 7d, and now own a 1d mark4. I bought it for it’s “amazing” focus abilities. Ok, lets cut to the chase, shooting a car as it drives by on tripod at 1/125 a second…. the images are still soft. The color dark blue, it won’t focus on, the chrome badges, it won’t even hold detail. I am shooting with the 24-70, and 70-200, I can’t use the 16-35 because the distortion is so bad it makes the images un-usable. And when I say distortion, not just the aspherical distortion but the actual quality of the image is well.. horrid, it becomes thin and torn and stretched no matter what f stop you’re at. The 24-70, well…. another great attempt if you just take pictures in your garden. I have taken the lens to canon so many times they should give me a new one. I spoke with 2 other professional shooters and they have experienced the same “overall” softness to the lens. And thinking the 1d mark 4 was going to clear that up… well, the image quality is no better than my 1ds mark 2, and at 200 asa the highlights started exploding, geeezzz, at least I have a screen large enough to see what I’m shooting now. Do I really need to switch to Nikon for a system that I can rely on??? So for all you guys that keep reading the specs, it doesn’t matter, get off the sofa and go shoot something, and then maybe Canon will listen to us.

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