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1Ds Mark IV [CR1]

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Apparently this came from the Canon Japan web site. I call bogus because of the “IV” moniker.

Can anyone translate this?

It was from here (link is dead now):

Picture from this forum:

Thanks yitzy


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  1. Don’t know why I am even bothering to reply, but I also don’t know why anyone would take this seriously… Look at the image, first of all the “Mark IV” is lower res, i.e. it was resized to put it there. The “Mark IV” in the link on the left is the same, and does not fit the link. But perhaps the biggest give-away of it all is the blurring of the Mark III on the body. Come on people, if you are going to make fake leaks, at least do it properly…

    I think the next eos-1 series will also look differently, though I don’t know if it will be even more smooth and professional, or more swiss-army knife like the D3 (which, although fugly, has a certain appeal).

  2. @Michael
    Interesting angle on Mark IV in asian countries. In Chinese, “4” is indeed phonetically similar to “death” but “8” is a lucky number. Boeing took advantage of this in selling the 787-8 to Asian countries. (I think they did some promotion on July 8, 2008 also.)

  3. Yes this is FAKE!

    If you can read Japanese you’ll know this is fake.

    go to the Japan EOS site

    noticing underneath Kiss F there’s “Discontinued Product” (of course in Japanese), then there’s “Product Comparison”

    The fake one didn’t do a good job cutting/pasting, you can see the above 2 got blended in together. Ha!!

    Another rumor I heard, is that Canon might skip Mark 4 and skip to 5 (or some other names)

    The reason for that is when it comes to 4D, in Japanese (Chinese) it sounds the same as “death”, remember PowerShot skipped 4 and went to 5?

    (in some language D sounds like “Pig” too, which would make 4D dead pig)

  4. @EdN
    Don’t forget the Beijing Olympics on 08/08/08
    But yes. I come from a Taiwanese family, and the word for 4 is the same sounding word for death.

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