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1D Mark IV [CR2]

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September Announcement
A solid source has confirmed the launch of a new 1D camera in September.

The camera will be available for purchase in October in a limited number. Stock should be in full swing by the time Vancouver 2010 rolls around.

The camera will remain APS-H. The source added “photojournalists and sports photographers alike have overwhelmingly thrown their support behind the APS-H sensor. If you want full frame for your landscape and portrait work, Canon provides a superb 5D Mark II and 1Ds Mark III”.

There you have it.


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  1. “What’s the point of having FF on a 1D Mark IV if you have to crop for speed no matter what anyways?”

    Because you dont always need the speed… Do you shoot at 10fps all the time? I dont. It’s there if I need it, 30% of my picture are taken at 8fps (1DII). But I also take portraits, wedding, birthday party, birds, landscape, macro, etc. All of which are not taken at 8fps but in weather conditions that would put a 5DII in danger.

    I need a second body so if it’s APS-H i’ll buy it anyway. But i’m just saying there is no reason in 2009 to make a camera with a strict “sensor size” compromise. I dont care that much about the highest resolution the new 1D may have. 16, 21, 32, I dont care.

    But what I would like of this camera is that if it’s 14mp using a 1.3 crop like previous 1D, make a FF sensor (whatever res that gives) instead and make the 1.3 crop optionnal.

    That way, everyone wins.

  2. doing the math, that’s a 24Mp FF sensor.

    current canon tech (DIGIC IV) running dual puts that at a under 5.5 fps.

    and we’re of course assuming (blindly) that nikon didn’t toss a patent on that high speed crop mechanism that exists in their Dx series bodies. so there’s alot of assumptions that canon CAN implement a function, that may or may not be even legal for them to do so.

    If you notice, for canon making smaller RAW’s .. it’s not a “crop” of the sensor, but a resolution difference.

    and if you do that .. what’s a 1Ds body then?

    just a few more FF Mp’s?

  3. You’re right. It’s not easy and might not be possible. But I tought 8.5fps @ 8.2mp was impossible 5 1/2y ago. I would like Canon to come up with something revolutionary this time. Not only a +2mp +2fps like the 1D3 is to the 1D2

    But anyway, I need a new body and differences between the 1D4 and 1D2 will be enough to justify the switch. APS-H or FF. But would I prefer FF? yeah.

  4. and then there’s economics…

    People are asking for essentially a D3x as a 1D Mark IV.

    it wouldn’t be around the 4 to 4.5K now would it? ;)

    if canon would remove the 1Ds (as such a body 24Mp FF, 1.3, 1.6 say High speed shooting) .. there’s no need anymore for a 1Ds.

    so that body would most likely float above the 1D price and perhaps as high as the 1Ds.

    because you can’t really sell a 1Ds with say 30Mp FF, and a 1D at 24Mp FF with a 8K and 4.5K price respectively .. and thanks to nikon, canon has no incentive to even come close to changing that price structure.

  5. no a canon fan and i work whit canon gear and im very disapoint whit canon
    im always read and read and i need 6400 iso in 45% of the time canon under estimate me in 100% of the time and i now by a super very extrem sourse 1d mark iv is the same tecnology and very disapointing ( dont ask dont tell )
    because of the money ( and 3 years of production like a promess ) over a 7500 case of complain about focus and gess what canon always said is a user error and today for canon is 50% of user error (PLEASE MAKE THE SHUTTER OF KEVLAR NOT PLASTIC HELLO HELLO im professional not a fan )
    canon never never agree of a problem ( only in back stage ) in the end like a 5DII is super good not fantastic and jaw breaker ( same old tecnology diferent prosesor open and you see for your self ) this is the true is hide for money porpose
    15mp is wroong and gess what canon said i dont care consumer buy any way ( remember GM and all usa maker give a chance to toyota and in 20 years toyota take all because of the same mistake of canon )Read history and you and me in 10 years change of brand to NIKON , Sony , Pentax , Olympus or ???? what ever give me a better Trust and reliable remember the peaple are talking and this is the last chance canon have
    the 1D MARK IV or what ever call is not a big deal only surpas Nikon in a few not a lot

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