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1D Mark IV [CR2]

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September Announcement
A solid source has confirmed the launch of a new 1D camera in September.

The camera will be available for purchase in October in a limited number. Stock should be in full swing by the time Vancouver 2010 rolls around.

The camera will remain APS-H. The source added “photojournalists and sports photographers alike have overwhelmingly thrown their support behind the APS-H sensor. If you want full frame for your landscape and portrait work, Canon provides a superb 5D Mark II and 1Ds Mark III”.

There you have it.


380 responses to “1D Mark IV [CR2]”

  1. not a nikon troll
    not a sony troll

    and yes a Canon user
    and make a living 100% of 100%

    you need to remember the reliabitity of your working aquipment and the mantenance of your tools is what you earn and quote
    Im tire of easy shots blurry or portrate whit noice or upsss the sensor is defective or error 99 or to much time prossesing
    remember 49% of the time the user dont now what is the correct funsionality of the camera

    i now exacly what and how
    how many micro seconds for focus
    how many micro seconds for start up
    buffer , lense movement , tear and wear , 300,000 shutter live Haaaaa Haaaa ,
    1- test # 1 take your camera and move the lense in the soket
    the lense is not supose to move because of the gold and micro short sircuit
    please dont put your lense in oder body all cameras work in diferent electronic signals the diferense is mesured whit special equipment
    you goin to see how many variant of the same camera same body same all
    make example
    thake all your body

    f5.6 isso 400 what ever speed in a tripod
    take a shot of a car color red

    none of the bodys is goin to take the same color none and never ( the quality control is very super Bad Dont tell dont ask ) chek in photoshop go open you photo take the paint buket tool in color piker use the dropelet and mesure the red take the numbers and go to the next photo

    and you see the super diferense no quality control

  2. The Tecnology Is For The companies not for consumers

    Square sensor for round glass

    and Square photo haaa the gimic

    Square sensor , Square Lenses , give results inimaginable
    better noice to signal per pixel
    better and real signal not boost
    better and less aberrations
    better cost of poduction
    better sharper per pixel
    better and easy effisiense of the combination of both
    better macro
    better telephoto
    better all
    Lenses are classified by the curvature of the two optical surfaces. A lens is biconvex (or double convex, or just convex) if both surfaces are convex.

  3. that’s what I’m saying. anybody who has a 1D3 that they hate … I’ll take it from you

  4. Why TVs are 4:3 and 16:9?
    Why PAL is 25fps and NTSC is 29.97?


    the 3:2 format is a photo standard, plain and simple. But there is other like 6×6 medium format.

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