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1D Mark IV [CR2]

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More FPS!
A possibility for the next 1D is variable FPS based on whether or not RAW or sRAW is selected.

“If the camera is set to sRAW 1 it will be able to shoot 12fps”

Movie Mode?
“This isn’t a forgone conclusion. There is a 50/50 chance we may not see movie mode in the next 1D. If we do see it in a pro body, it will be the 1Ds4.”

CR’s take: I think there will be some kind of movie mode in the camera, I don’t expect anything more than what’s in the 5D2.

Live View?
“A new live view technology exists, we’re more likely to see it in a prosumer body.”

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34 responses to “1D Mark IV [CR2]”

  1. Hey guys, do you know how much proffesional video camera costs? And how big is?

    Do you really want your DLSR to become that?

  2. for your uses yes, perhaps it’s not useful. for me it’s the question if either i’ll buy the camera or if i buy a 5dmk2.
    i do a lot of wedding photography and more and more people are beginning to ask if i do video too. i cannot carry an slr plus equipment AND a camcorder. the 5dmk2 has proven to me that it’s video abilities are quite enough for my needs. i only want a pro body and a professional af in that thing. so the 1dmk4 will be the right thing for me IF it has video.
    all the people who absolutely don’t want it: t-u-r-n-i-t-o-f-f….. is that so hard for you?

  3. Yes to both the first and second question. But I don’t understand the third question. Do I want my DSLR to become one? No, of course not. Who has ever suggested it should? Why would it?

    Do I want to have video as an option? Yes. Why not? It might be useful in some circumstances. And if it isn’t, well… you don’t have to use it.

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