First set of specs
This is the first set of specs I've received in regards to the 1D Mark IV.

MP: 21.1 FF
100-12800 (L:50 – H: 51,200)
Proc: Dual DIGIC IV
3.5″ VGA LCD (Not sure about this)
FPS: 10fps
45 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Feature: Various Crop Modes
Feature: LiveView with new AF
Feature: Movie Mode
Feature: Ergonomic Updates
Feature: GPS
Feature: Wifi
Feature: Dual CF & SD (4 total slots)
Announcement: Fall 2009

Possibility: A super high speed cropped shooting mode.

The source says not to expect it to be announced with any other camera. It'll receive it's own heavily promoted launch.


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  1. Agreed- No need for EF-S support. I shoot with a 20D currently – advanced hobbyist I would say. I shoot pro sports for fun, college sports, landscape, portrait (for friends and family) and I have resisted buying a single EF-S lens. I am waiting to upgrade to a 1Ds when the Mk III replacement comes (if it is a FF- I just love those wide angle landscape photos on top of mountains) And thankfully I have a great job to afford the gear haha!

    I also think a touch screen would be a bad thing for anybody. You would have to be looking at it to be able to choose settings. Most of us that are acustomed to our cameras know how to change the settings without removing our eyes from the eyecup…

  2. OK,

    1) Resolution

    The resolution of the past two 1D series cameras (mkII and mkIII) is always the same as the resolution of the same generation prosumer (XXD) series camera. Example, 1DmkII = 8.2 MP same as 20D, 1DmkIIN = 8.2 MP same as 30D, 1DmkIII = 10.1 MP same as 40D.

    Since the 50D has 15.1MP this is the most likely resolution for the 1DmkIV. This is also a rational choice, Nikon cameras have been typically 2MP ahead of comparable Canons, and until the D3, Nikon noise performance was crappy because of their 1.5x size. 15.1 is one tier advanced of 12 MP, the resolution of the D3, which is the camera that the mkIV will need to solidly outperform to regain Canon’s market dominance. It is higher enough to stay competitive with likely specs for a Nikon D4.

    This would also give the camera excellent high ISO noise performance, which, more so than either frame rate or resolution, is the critical factor for PJs.

    2) Memory cards

    2 CF slots, 1SD slot

    I use the SD slot in my mkIII for a backup card (when I runover the CF’s size). It would be ideal to have two ‘main’ card slots so one could shoot over the card limits and exchange the full card during a lag in the action as opposed to changing based on one card’s memory remaining. This also enables 100% usage of available memory, as opposed to changing cards before they are completely full.

    The SD is for Canon’s data verification system, which is loaded into an SD.

    3) Screen

    3 inch screen, anti-reflective, high resolution for improved critical manual focus. NO TOUCH SCREEN! EVER! that would be so prone to accidental use, and touch screen resolutions are way lower than non touch screens. 3 inches is enough, no one I’ve ever met asks for more, and there needs to be room on the camera for control surfaces and a place to actually hold the camera.

    4) AF

    The mkIII’s AF system failed, and has effectively been rejected by most working professionals. Consequently it needs to be redone. It is likely that after the D3’s 51 point AF and the discovery of the mkIII’s AF instability that R&D was begun on a new one, knowing that this would be the case. Expect a lot of points, definately greater than 51, just because :)

    5) liveview

    mirror drop AF is actually useful for PJs/ people who like AF to happen quickly (the kind of people who buy 1D cameras)

    I was surprised that there isn’t a firmware fix to add it to the mkIIIs, especially since the 40D has it. There will of course be contrast AF with face detect, that will be so the 50D doesn’t have some area that it outspecs the mkIV.

    6) framerate

    The limiting factor is not the shutter, 10fps for 35mm shutters have been around since the modified nikon F2 in the 1970s

    It is not (to a great extent) the mirror. As previously stated the 1V HS could crank 10FPS, the D3 can do 11 in DX mode, in this mode the entire mirror and shutter still operate.

    It IS the rate of getting the data off of the sensor, once in the buffer it can wait for the processor, and then be written to card. I like the idea of paralleled 4 digic IVs, digic V is not ready yet, as an actually noticeable improvement.

    It is also the AF, the mk III is the only SLR in the world to AF at 10 fps, the D3 cuts out at 9, as did the EOS-1V HS, this might be overcome by a variable mode pellicle mirror, but that is not known.

    7) Other

    EF-S lenses will not and cannot be added (back focus distance), they are unremarkable when compared to the L lenses anyway.

    GPS/WiFi unlikely, though the ability to geotag from GPS without using a WFT is.

  3. Like others, I doubt it’ll have 4 cards. I suspect 2. I suspect it’ll be both FF (16mp) and crop (10mp), probably 8fps @ 16mp and 12fps @ 10mp. Dual Digic IV chips. I doubt it’ll have video mode, but anything is possible. Live view of course, and a 3″ high resolution LCD screen. wi-fi and GPS are musts. ISO 50 – 25600. A refined AF system based on the 1D mark III’s AF system. I suspect that it’ll be released in October 2009.


  4. If Winter Olympics is in February 2010, Canon better release the whatever cam by Apr 08… must give early adopters (read beta2 testers) sufficient time to bitch about it and then give Canon techs sufficient lead time to correct it before the Winter Olympics…. it will be a disaster if the cam gets fooled by backlit winter shooting condition. ;)

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