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1D Mark IV Firmware 1.0.8

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Firmware Version 1.0.8 incorporates the following fixes.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the set aperture moves unexpectedly when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some Canon lenses (such as macro lenses).
  • Corrects misspellings in the French and Spanish menus for applicable products.



16 responses to “1D Mark IV Firmware 1.0.8”

  1. “Easy ones for Canon to do: Navigation through the info menu on the LCD, using the multicontroller, Ala 5D2/7D.”

    Can’t the 1D4 do that? ugh..

    Some people already “fought” to be able to use the multicontroller to choose the AF point some years ago on the 1D series…

    Sometimes people needs to join together to get “responses”, no doubt.

  2. Thanks.

    CR and few other websites helped to spread the information (although there was big confusion of some readers that didn’t understand what the issue actually was), along with some users reporting to Canon tech dept.

    Immediately after finding, testing and confirming there was an issue, we directly sent our detailed report to many Canon Managers, Tech Service department (more than once), and even to Canon CEO (yeah, why not?)

    Even when we made the reports the best we could with clear proofs (that everyone with the camera and lens could easily duplicate), you know how much the power of media/press can help nowadays…

    It took more than 1 month to get a clear confirmation from Canon that they were aware of the iris issue. They were inconsistent on their responses (USA vs. Europe) until a couple of weeks before the release of Firmware 2.0.7:

    Fortunately they finally put hands on it and released the fix.

    We expect a similar one for EOS 7D.

  3. Check it out the 1d mark iv can now float! didn’t I tell you this a couple months ago??? Next update you will be able to take pictures with your mind ;)

    All joking aside it’s nice to see canon updating it’s camera os.

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