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1D Mark IV Firmware Update Coming

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Announcement regarding AF tracking performance of the EOS-1D Mk IV
As a result of further enhancement, Canon is working to release a firmware update for the EOS-1D Mark IV. This firmware update further enhances the AF tracking performance and is scheduled to be available for download from the Web starting from late January.

We will update this announcement on once this firmware update is ready for download.

Details of the enhancement:
Firmware Version 1.0.6 enhances the AF tracking performance of the EOS-1D Mark IV for receding subjects and for subjects that are approaching at a low speed.



114 responses to “1D Mark IV Firmware Update Coming”

  1. Of course the irony here is that as far as I can see the mk IV is still not shipping in Canada, and we already have a firmware update!

  2. Given the history of the mkIII, if canon wanted a QUIET
    fix there’s no way the cover story would be a focus improvement.

  3. Mine will be in hand on Friday, and I have very little or no interest in what Nikon is doing.

    – Better ISO performance than my 5D (classic)? YES
    – Better focus? YES
    – More resolution? YES
    – Two memory cards? YES
    – Better in poor weather? YES
    – Uses the same lenses? YES (with slightly different FOV)
    – Clean images at ISO 100? DUH
    – Full 1080p video in a usable, well supported format? YES

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