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Rob Galbraith’s Thoughtsrg site logo - 1D Mark IV Goodies
Rob has completed some initial thoughts on the autofocus performance of the  1D Mark IV. He notes these tests were done with firmware 1.0.4. He’s going to be reshooting with 1.0.6.

His feelings on the performance are mixed.

I’ve never been in contact with Mr. Galbraith and his findings have sparked controversy in the past. What I will say however is that he’s super technical and a very good sports photographer. I won’t be disputing anything he finds. I will say that NFL photographers have been super happy with the performance of the camera. I will be putting it through the paces at some hockey games this weekend and add some observations to the 1D4 review here at CR.

Read His Findings Here

E89C16201 - 1D Mark IV Goodies
Lots of Bedtime Reading.

1D Mark IV Custom Guide & ISO Setting Guide
A reader of ours sent us the following PDF file they found on the CPS Germany web site. This is a good guide for current and future 1D Mark IV owners. There’s even a few things I learned skimming over it.

It still shocks me how much is going on inside these cameras.

I found the information about tracking settings to be quite useful. I will also be using AF point expansion in the future and at different settings for different situations. The settings for avoiding background focus shift and foreground focus shift are also excellent.

Happy reading.

Download Here (PDF 5mb)

thanks Steve


71 responses to “1D Mark IV Goodies”

  1. I doubt it’s worse than that of the EOS-1D Mark II N. I’m guessing people were hoping for greater improvement. Probably the aforementioned model was an “ooh-ah” improvement over the EOS-1D Mark II than the EOS-1D Mark III was over the EOS-1D Mark II N.

  2. The individual pixels of the EOS 5D Mark II are 1.265392 times the size of those found in the EOS-1D Mark IV.

    Those of the EOS-1D Mark IV are 1.770719 times the size of those in the 18-megapixel EOS 7D.

    (Which means that the EOS 5D Mark II has pixels 2.240654 times the size of the EOS 7D‘s pixels…)

  3. I have just replaced my MkIIIs with MkIVs.

    I’m shooting wildlife and motorsport, mostly with a 300 f2.8 & 500 f4.

    The MkIV AF is clearly better – Much more stable & predictable – I’m getting many more keepers and my MkIIIs were never “problematic”.

    Was with a Nikon shooter at Spa Francorchamps the other day. Shooting with two D3s’. He had marginally more keepers (though it was close). I prefer my Canon files, but that’s personal choice. Both are superb sports/wildlife cameras, although the Nikons pull away when the light drops. Would I swap systems? Probably, but the differences simply do not justify the financial implications if you are buying your own gear. I’m not convinced my answer would be different if I was selling images.

    For what it’s worth, I think RG’s probably got it about right, although I’ve never experience the MkIV going “loopy” for more than a frame or two. A lot has to do with focus accuracy and speed of AF acquisition. Seems as if the Canon is faster to get there and consequently, faster to find another target…

    Just my opinion.

  4. Canon’s do focus faster than the Nikon’s, however the 1D III/IV can display the focus is locked, you shoot as series, then when edited you can get some nasty surprises. The Nikon’s have more trouble locking on IMO, however when it’s displayed it is focused then 99.9% it is ACTUALLY focused, whereas the Canon are alot more spasmodic.

  5. RG looks like more of a money maker to me. Why did he compromised the impartiality of his articles by displaying banner ads of a particular nikon brand? its like lebron james complaining about his nike© jersey while sticking a adidas© decal on his head.

    Is Mr. RG with oblivious nikon ads have the final say among the best PJ’s and SS’s around the world?

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