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1D Mark IV in 2010? [CR2]

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From Northlight
One of Northlight’s regular sources is claiming Canon will not announce a new 1D until the new year. That would put the camera on a 3 year product cycle. That would be the same as the 1Ds and 5D. Their source was involved in testing the camera.

Initial reports to us said the same thing some time ago.


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42 responses to “1D Mark IV in 2010? [CR2]”

  1. It’s the shallow DOF that is all the rage in wedding photography these days that makes what you suggest hard. If I could blast away at f/11 (but it goes to 11), life would be good in any focus mode.

    The D700 can shoot shallow DOF with consistent results. The 5D can’t. The 1DsmkIII can also do it, but I can buy two D700 and have money left over for the price of a 1Ds.

  2. Shallow DOF and movement = no worky either in one shot. Some shots in focus beats all shots OOF.

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