I know where you can get one!
……I guess I will tell you

Camera Canada has at least one available for sale and may have more. They received their order today.


This is where I bought mine and they're great folks.


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  1. He isn’t. I just bought mine Tuesday at about 2pm from B&H and got it Wednesday. I have been on the list too, but I was never notified, just kept checking & got lucky.

    And the camera is amazing, just have one problem, and will be calling tech support about it soon: the quick control wheel on the back has stopped working. (and yes, I have it turned on right) No matter what I do, whether trying to delete something, select AF point, etc… It will not work. Never came across this with my MKIII.

    Really bums me out, especially only having had it for a few days.

    If you guys got something, give me a shout.

  2. I have had one (1D Mk IV) on order through “Onecall” since the middle of Nov. I’m told I am near the top of their waiting list? I’ve done several thousands of Dollars in business with them over the past five years and have always received great service from them, so I believe them when they tell me they don’t know when my order will be filled. As already discussed on this site, I believe the delay in restocking is probably due to Canon ensuring the latest firmware version is installed before shipping more 1D4s. Anyone else received their 1D4 from Onecall? If so, when did you pre-order?

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