From Jeff Ascough
Jeff had a chance to take the new 1D Mark IV on location to a wedding to test the lowlight AF and higher ISO quality. I can't think of too many people more qualified to do so. He doesn't use a flash 99% of the time when shooting a wedding.

Check his thoughts and samples:….


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  1. Only this part of your opinion is untrue:

    “The 7D has a 20% increase in pixel count, but roughly the same size pixel site as the 50D, by reducing the amount of circuitry between pixels.”

    Both 50D and 7D sensors are of gapless technology so the pixels on 7D’s sensor are smaller (4.3µm). Also DLA (Diffraction Limited Aperture) for 7D is smaller (f/6.8 vs. f/7.6 for 50D).

    Except this I agree with your point of view. No matter what are the technical reasons, too big pixel density kills the DR and it sucks.

  2. 24-70? one´s got to be very lucky to get a good copy to be used at the wide end – wide open,at f4 it gets better but still not a match for the other f4 L zooms, what´s the point then lugging around the extra weight?

    i´ll take a 17-40 or the 24-105 anytime rather than the heavy softie 24-70. let the press people use it to whom image quality comes second:-).

  3. The problem is that everybody’s looking
    for the perfect picture from a camera and that will never happen. It is just not possible for a camera with just one exposure to see what the
    human eye can see.
    That’s why u have Photoshop. If u know what u are
    doing, u can really have that perfect shot. No
    matter if it came from a canon or nikon or a taken with a cheap lens or having bad white balance or overexposure…
    U can fix almost anything in PS.

  4. Actually, some of us really do need, and can easily see an advantage of high iso performance. Being a music tog who does a great deal of live concert work, I’m shooting in the dark, with very dire lighting at times, with fast moving subjects. When I’m shooting at iso3200, f/1.2, 1/125, and still underexposed, having another stop or more with clean(er) files makes a huge difference, and can lead to many more publications/sales. I’m hoping to add the markIV to my markIII kits soon. I would the D3 files but bring so invested in canon glass & markIII’s, it’s not feasible to move to nikon.

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