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1D Mark IV Information

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Arrival in North America?
I’ve heard from a couple of people we should see the cameras starting to appear tomorrow or Thursday. I can’t let you know where as their stock is already called for and they don’t need 3000 phone calls tomorrow. :)

I’m still waiting to see when Adorama and B&H will have them.

1D Mark IV Mini Review
Brad Mangin had the privilege to shoot with the Mark IV at an NFL football game.

I don’t think he could have been happier with the performance of the camera and especially the autofocus system.

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Thanks Brad


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  1. I was able to get my Mark IV today from Keeble. 1/4/10. They stated they were the only dealer to receive shipment in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

  2. Dennis

    Thanks for being a great Adorama Camera customer; email me if you ever need any after-sales support or advice:

  3. Will some one who has received their Mk iv, and has a good working Mk iii, give their opinion of the performance of the new camera compared to the old one.

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