More Sample Shots!
A cr fan sent me a link to his flikr site with ISO samples from the 1D Mark IV.

We think ISO 65535 is actually H3 (ISO 102,400)

thanks Bruce

I only kept one
I only downloaded one sample image that I've seen on the web from the 1D Mark IV.

I'm not sure if it's irresponsible for me to post it after Canon ran around the web having them taken down, however… I never grew up… so here it is.

(This is nothing new, you may have seen it already. If you find any others, point me in their direction)

A00A0780 SM - *UPDATED* 1D Mark IV - ISO 102,400 Shot
ISO 102,400 - 1D Mark IV - Click for Full Size

disclaimer: I'm using this without the permission of the person that took it. If you want it taken down, let me know.


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  1. of course Nikon has only released very small images at ISO 102,400 and that image would look much cleaner than this “real” image.

    how about comparing this “real” image with Nikon D3S “real” image? have you checked?

    Canon’s 1DMkIV is ‘colorful’ and ‘artsy’ with its noise :)
    while D3s quality is too realistic and boring, right?

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