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1D Mark IV Preorders
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Amazon USA

Camera Canada

This is where I preordered mine. Official Canadian pricing isn't available at this time. I predict $5499.

1D Mark IV has been added to price watch page. Not many stores have the camera listed yet, that should change over the next 24 hours.


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  1. The difference between 15.6 and 16mm is not the issue. 1D4 is not enough improvement over the 7D, to me, to justify the extra money. Not gonna spend $5000 on a crop sensor camera when I get something close for $1700. Had it been FF at those specs, I would have gone with the 1D4.

  2. It’s not the $5000 that stops some of us from buying it, it’s what you get for it. I’d have spent $5000 on it if it was full frame at those specs. Not paying 5 grand for a crop camera when I get can a 7D 1.6 crop 18 MP 8 FPS for $3300 less.

  3. To W:
    I know, but ‘somewhere’ in 2010 is pretty uncertain
    and Im going to burn my fingers with 30Fpswhen I buy it now.
    I even want to wait for a Nikon 25Fps fullHD which is rumoured, but honestly I dont trust the compression.
    Also: +5K (Euros) is a bit expensive when used for its video capabilities only (I shoot stills with Nikon)

    Somebody knows the maximum clip length on this camera yet?
    Thx regards

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