1D Mark IVsm - 1D Mark IV ReviewReview of the 1D Mark IV
I have commissioned Justin Gryba and his great review of the 1D Mark IV to become part of the Canon Rumors team. You may have read his review before on his own blog. However, he has already updated his findings on the review posted here, and will continue his updates here as he gains more experience with the camera and I'm going to add my impressions as well. This is not a finished review!

The review will be parked under “Camera Reviews” in the main menu at the top.



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  1. In the update to this article near the bottom in pros and cons
    and under the cons it says “Spot-AF and Spot AF can only be activated on the select 7 lenses that have an AF-OFF button”
    Anyone know which 7 Lenses he speaks of?

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