Wishlist or Real?
A new spec list for the upcoming 1D appeared in my in mailbox. This is from a 50/50 source.

16mp FF
DIGIC V (Dual)
61AF Points (Somewhere around 20 selectable)
100% ViewFinder
3″ VGA LCD (It's mentioned OLED is a possibility, it exists in test cameras)
SD/CF Slot
1080p Movie (24p, 25p, 30p)
New Lighter Battery
Ergonomic Changes (2nd Joy Stick Type Controller)

CR's take
That's a lot of AF points, that's what makes me thing it's a wishlist. We have yet to receive a solid (with proof) spec list.


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  1. I would love too c this happen
    the last 1d had serious focus issues
    forget the perks. FOCUS FOCUS
    FOCUS. Love canons lens selection
    but at least my D3 focuses ! IF!
    Canon can fix the FOCUS issues
    I’m going Back too CANON, if they have
    Ass it AGAIN!!!! I’m staying nikon
    cause I have too get the shot right
    so I can pay my bills! Peace out!

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