From a POTN Thread
“At an NFL preseason game on Friday night in NJ, some newspaper photogs were talking about a prototype PRO camera that they saw earlier in the week.” The person followed up stating that they heard it “first hand, and that the photographers work for one of the major outlets and said they saw the camera in their offices – they are using a lot of 5D's now because of the video features and are looking forward to using a pro camera with video.”


thanks Steven


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  1. according to my canon service point’s owner, i have the reliable info that there will be a d4 with video next month, but no 7D.

  2. Certainly need to bring out a 60D . The New Pentax K 7 knocks the spots off both 50D and 500D. Would be nice if whatever it is arrives before Xmas, else I’m going with the Pentax.

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