Rebel T2i in Canada
Apparently Canon Canada has told dealers to expect initial shipments next week. Canon Canada also claims to have a lot of them available. There are high expectations for the camera sales wise.

Thanks MBE

Adorama currently has some 1D Mark IV's in stock.

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  1. myusernamesucks on

    I ordered one from JR as well – and confirmed by phone that they indeed have them (kit only) in stock. Should have mine in a couple of days. Thanks for the tip Jay B.

  2. Having had a 1D MkIV on order with Onecall since mid-Nov, I finally had to jump ship and go with B&H. After spending $$$$$$$ with Onecall over the past six-years, it was a little difficult for me to call them and “axe” my order…….I guess I’ll feel a little less guilty tomorrow when I finally have my 1D MkIV in hand!

  3. Man the Canon t2i is amazing. It’s a big upgrade from the old setup i had in the XTi. I paired the t2i with a 100mm 2.8 Non IS and it takes amazing photos. Screen is amazingly clear! the 3:2 screen makes a big different. the max iso helps also!

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