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1D Mark IV Street Dates

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Coming Soon

1dmkiv 01 - 1D Mark IV Street Dates
Coming Soon!

As usual with hotly anticipated camera releases, delivery times are all over the place.

This is what I have been told.
– Hong Kong has a release date of December 23, 2009
– A Swiss rep has said dealers in Switzerland should expect a couple of cameras to show up before Christmas.
– In Canada I`m told to be prepared for mid January for the first consumer deliveries. Professional customers may receive cameras before that.
– In the States, I hear lots of conflicting stories. All of which say the camera should start shipping after new years.

We usually see cameras trickle out in Asia before most other places. We`ll be keeping a close eye on that.

I`m exciting for the first unboxings!

Thanks W


69 responses to “1D Mark IV Street Dates”

  1. Sure thing Ty, i’m sure relative to the current bodies this camera has to be an improvement. But if i’m spending 5k on a camera, I want it to have everything I need w/o any compromises…things like battery life, and having a 1.3x sensor is a compromise. At this point canon doesn’t have a FF camera that’s fast enough for sports yet versatile enough to do low light events such as weddings.

    But when comparing it to canon, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

    I still think you should try a D3S to see if helps make your type of photography easier, and if it does it’s worth the switch from canon to nikon.

  2. I have just received an email from my supplier in Denmark that they will have the first cameraes tommorrow.

    I hope to receive my camera before New Year.

  3. Confirmed for Switzerland. Just got a call from my supplier. I will pick up my two bodies this afternoon…nice Xmas-gift…

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