Under the weather
Sorry for the delay, I had a nice bout with some bad chicken or stomach virus.

Mark IV Unboxings!
This is from Andrew Hobbs. He received his Mark IV in Melbourne, Australia.

MG 4322 300x199 - 1D Mark IV Unboxed!
Rudolph The Mark IV Lover

This comes from Jesper in Denmark

IMG 4784 300x200 - 1D Mark IV Unboxed!
1D Mark IV Box
IMG 4786 300x200 - 1D Mark IV Unboxed!
1D Mark IV Unboxed!

Time off

I'll be off to Ireland on Friday, I'll be tied up travelling on Christmas Day and sleeping off the jet lag on the 26th.

Everyone have a great and safe Christmas/other holiday/Friday.


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  1. The 1d mkIV should naturally be better than the 5d mkII. I know this seems counter intuitive, since the 5d mkII is a full frame (FF) sensor, but the 1d mkIV is almost two times more expensive the than 5d mkII.

    Just to be clear.

  2. Thank you!
    With the 1dMk4 shots, did you have highlight tone priority on or off?

    I’m quiet tempted to get the TS-E II, it’s way more versatile and sharp than the 24/1.4LII

  3. I like to shoot action and bird. Crop camera(7D) help me with my 400 f5.6. The AF points cover bigger area then FF. I do not need to recompose after AF lock. After using 7D, I always keep my 5DII in the bag. 18MP also allow me to crop as f5.6 cannot AF with TC. 600mm is too expensive for me with FF. If I use FF with 12MP, after cropping -> 5MP ?? Why pay so much for 5 MP camera ? How to print A3 ? The noise from 7D is easier to be handle and still remain detail. I really hope to own the 1D4 one day, it should be a lot better the 7D.

  4. Did anyone else notice the difference in exposure times. The 5d2 and 7d needed 1/40 or 1/50 where as the 1d4 was shooting the same shot at 1/250 or faster in a lot of them. Amazing to say the least but can onyone offer an explanation?

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