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1D Mark IV Update

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1D Mark IV Update
21 - 1D Mark IV Update
I’ve been driving around picking gear up and testing the 1D Mark IV. Everytime I think I have a good first review done, I notice something else. There’s also a swelling group of people wondering why Canon gimped spot AF for the 1D Mark IV. We’ll give full coverage on that soon.

purchased the Sennheiser MKE-400 flash shoe mic for the 1D Mark IV and I’ve been pretty impressed with its performance so far. It’s the right size and price for a video newbie like myself. I still need to get a “dead cat” for it.

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  1. I wont be buying a 1D4, not that Canon obviously cares. I am a Wedding & Portrait Photographer and use a 5D2 & 5D1 and shoot approx 45 weddings per year. Im constantly pissed off with the autofocus on the 5D2 but need the full frame,if the 1D4 was FF i would have had my oder in from day 1. Obviouslly there is the option of buying the 1Ds but i dont feel i should have to fork out 3 times the price of a 5D2 to get a pro body with a decent auto focus. When the 1Ds4 is released it will probably be 5 times the price.

  2. I have had one (1D Mk IV) on order through “Onecall” since the middle of Nov. I’m told I am near the top of their waiting list? I’ve done ten’s of thousands of Dollars in business with them over the past five years and have always received great service from them, so I believe them when they tell me they don’t know when my order will be filled. As already discussed on this site, I believe the delay in restocking is probably due to Canon ensuring the latest firmware version is installed before shipping more 1D4s. Anyone else received their 1D4 from Onecall? If so, when did you pre-order? BTW, the Rode N3594 works great on my 5D2.

  3. Hey SJ, my spot focus has been spot on and performs better than my 1d3 (which was actually a good copy) ever did. If you are thinking about upgrading to the 1d IV that is one thing you don’t have to worry about

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