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1D Mark IV Update

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1D Mark IV Update
21 - 1D Mark IV Update
I’ve been driving around picking gear up and testing the 1D Mark IV. Everytime I think I have a good first review done, I notice something else. There’s also a swelling group of people wondering why Canon gimped spot AF for the 1D Mark IV. We’ll give full coverage on that soon.

purchased the Sennheiser MKE-400 flash shoe mic for the 1D Mark IV and I’ve been pretty impressed with its performance so far. It’s the right size and price for a video newbie like myself. I still need to get a “dead cat” for it.

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  1. On the 1 D MKIV, spot AF cannot be assigned to any camera buttons. It can only be assigned to the buttons on the big White Lenses. There are a lot of users wondering why it can’t be set in the body to work for any lens.

    It might be a technical reason, but no one knows.

    So those claiming to use spot AF without those big whites, please lets know how you set it. There is nothing in the manual.

  2. I can almost hit their (Onecall) warehouse with a rock from where I live. They are pretty honest, at least as camera sellers go. Unfortunately, they have backed off from competiting with adorama and B&H on prices, so when I buy from them, I have to pay a little more plus 9% sales tax.

    They also no longer carry the pro models in their retail store, so a local buyer cannot pick one up and try it before buying it. They can be picked up at the warehouse, and I’ve done that several times, but for extra $$ on a big ticket item, I’d like to see it first.

    Still, they are local, and I can return a defective item to their retail store and get a replacement immediately, so it is often worth more to me when I buy a lens that has a less than perfect record for variation in sharpness or AF.

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