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1D Mark IV White Paper

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Came out yesterday
Here’s a link the white paper for the 1D Mark IV and other Canon cameras.

They’re good reading if you’re bored.


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  1. o no
    Rumor: Nikon D4 in primary field trials
    By [NR] admin | November 14, 2009

    This comment about a Nikon D4 camera being currently field tested was posted on the forum by an active user (with 821 previous posts if this is an indication of anything):

    “Initial Information I received from a senior Nikon position in the USA, that Nikon D4 is already under primary field trial .FF sensor with 18 million pixels, Full HD-quality video as in Canon.
    Frame Rate Of 10 images per second, 102,400 Asa quality similar to what today is Asa 25,600 in Nikon D3S. Improving the quality of the existing D3s by two stops.
    Most important information: a completely new Autofocus sensor that will
    enable outstanding autofocus performance. From what I understand, this is a real breakthrough Technology.
    I was not told when the camera is expected to reach the market and what will be its price.”

  2. 5D Mk II is already slightly better than 1Ds Mk II in some areas, giving it better AF would make it even more difficult to sell the 1Ds Mk III, and even the 1D Mk IV for those who need the best high Iso and good AF, but not really high frame rate and 1D-build quality.

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