A real life friend actually told me that he heard that Reuters has signed new NDAs with Canon. The only thing Reuters would care about is pro camera bodies and to a lesser extent, lenses. Apparently the NDA's are for June through August.

Whether what he heard is true or not remains to be seen.

Going by history, this would put a new camera in the September '09 timeframe.


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  3. This is my first Canon product. Overall I am very pleased. I purchased early September 2009 just before a trip to the northwest including Victoria British Columbia. Comments from friends and family after seeing the pictures of whales, harbors, city lights, volcanic mountain peaks, and sunsets on the Oregon coast support the quality of the camera and the ability of an average photographer when coupled with a good camera. I do wish Canon would provide accessories to include U/V Clear Filter to offer basic lens protection, polarized filters to remove the sun reflection from my whale pictures (this would have doubled the quality of the pictures), and lens cap lanyard. Oh, a printed Users Guide sure would be nice. I ended up printing a dozen key pages from the installation disk to carry in the camera bag, a bulky alternative. I would buy the camera again.

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