We just may see it in 2009
According to a report [NL] there is a hold up with the new 1D and its movie capabilities.

“…Canon has a replacement for the 1D MKIII ready to launch during the second quarter of 2009. What's holding Canon back is a decision from FIFA … to allow pro-cameras with video capability ( see 5D MKII) during sporting events. FIFA is currently looking into the legal implications with television rights and contracts with broadcasters. If FIFA give the green light then Canon will release the camera.”

I've waited to comment on it until I heard some first hand info. “It's not a huge deal and won't delay the launch of the camera.”

What I also heard was a possible announcement date of May 19, 2009.

I have no spec outlines yet, but they'll be coming.



  1. Brian Nelson’s above analogy to Cell phones is a bit off base. A 500 camera phone (when they were first created) is not the same as a $8000 Camera. A camera phone has a much larger target market outside of the pro shooters. It’s like designing a scalpel that can’t be used for surgery… yes there are others that would buy it, but it’s not going to be successful if you can’t use it for it’s #1 purpose.

    The people who are the ‘gotta have it gear heads’ with a big budget are the sports shooters. They need all the tech they can get – this camera is aimed squarely at the full pro shooters and to say anything else is naive.

  2. Why not just boycott Fifa? The photographers are doing them a favor by photographing their event. If it weren’t for the photographers and videographers, nobody would ever know the stupid event had happened. Fifa should be the one making compromises to ensure that the publicity is still being offered to them.

  3. it might be a complicated topic.

    Sports and sport’s broadcasting is a multimillionaire business.

    And that can affect the manufacturer’s decisions, I guess, since they are the providers for the photographers who cover sports all over the world. And the manufacturer wouldn’t like to have troubbles when their cameras are intended to be used for the photographers. That could decrease the demand and sales.

    Someone already suggested some system based on a key card or activation card that would disable the movie mode in any way, but I don’t think it would be nice.

    I guess the easiest way to avoid problems is to specify clearly that any photographer who record video in the field, will be banned/blacklisted.

    As someone said, I don’t guess any Pro would put at risk his career, don’t you think?

    FIFA can obligate the photographers/newspapers to firm a contract too, specifying that if they record video they will suffer a lawsuit (demand, etc) and will have to pay, etc.

    I guess this “issue” can be easy resolved with contracts.

    Delaying or not delivering a camera because of its features and economical interest of Sports organizations is crazy, but a prove of the “world” that is behind the “world” of the sports today…

    All is business, the larger and richer, the more **** behind

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