We just may see it in 2009
According to a report [NL] there is a hold up with the new 1D and its movie capabilities.

“…Canon has a replacement for the 1D MKIII ready to launch during the second quarter of 2009. What's holding Canon back is a decision from FIFA … to allow pro-cameras with video capability ( see 5D MKII) during sporting events. FIFA is currently looking into the legal implications with television rights and contracts with broadcasters. If FIFA give the green light then Canon will release the camera.”

I've waited to comment on it until I heard some first hand info. “It's not a huge deal and won't delay the launch of the camera.”

What I also heard was a possible announcement date of May 19, 2009.

I have no spec outlines yet, but they'll be coming.



  1. My journey with DSLRs began back in 2003 with the original Digital Rebel. DSLRs changed my photography for the better like nothing else. Five years and some 25,000 shots later, it’s still going strong. Along the way I upgraded to the Canon 30D, which is a fantastic camera as well. When the 40D was announced, I decided to wait until the 50D sometime in 2009, but wanted a newer backup/second body for my photography needs. So when the XSi/450D was announced, it sounded like a perfect fit for my needs.

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