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1D News From The Netherlands

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From an email
“A sports shooter in the Netherlands told me that his agency has tested a new camera for Canon. It was still in a Mark III housing, but the inside was changed. Next week canon will send him two updates of the camera and a 7D.”

Lots of reports of 1D testing going on like gangbusters. Still looks like a 2010 announcement.


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  1. Not that I have any f1.2 lenses (I wish), but surely the advantage is not that they have a wider aperture, but they’ll get sharper at wider apertures as you stop down?

  2. A good resource about lens design, compromise between resolution and max aperture is Erwin Puts’s website on Leica lens designs :

    A f/1.4 lens should be sharper than a f/1.2 lens @ f/1.4. Unfortunately, Canon does not achieve that.

    Additionally, you can calculate how shallow is your lens on this site :

    A f/1.2 lens is not something impossible to use.
    Anyway, Leica recently released a Noctilux f/0.95 lens, and Voigtlander is selling a Nokton (I love those names!) f/1.1.

  3. Has anyone heard of a new 1Ds Mrk 4 from Canon? I’m looking at buying a new 1D but I would rather wait if a Canon are coming out with a new 1D.



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