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1D Release 2010 Update

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Spoke to someone in the know
He feels there’s a strong possibility the camera will be delayed until well into 2010.

He spoke of “a lot of Canon shooters still using 1D Mark IIn’s. Not by choice, but because their newspaper/agency didn’t buy new cameras. The others using Mark III’s don’t see their companies springing for new cameras anytime in the near or distant future. The D3 has sold well, but hasn’t made a massive inroad into the pro world. There’s been some switchers, but not as many as the internet community thinks. This is at least true in the areas of the planet I shoot”

He also said “this might be a good time to delay the release and concentrate on merging the 1D/1Ds line instead. If Canon wants to save R&D and manufacturing costs, this would sure be a good way to do it.”.

There’s going to be tons of opinion on this one, but both Canon and Nikon and the rest are changing strategies on the fly with the current situation around the globe.


25 responses to “1D Release 2010 Update”

  1. Canon’s strong point is the wide range of lenses they offer.

    Unfortunately, many of the designs are ageing and need to be refreshed.

    I’d rather see the priority be given to lenses rather than adding more MP.

  2. I swear I will switch systems if they make it a touchscreen. that is such a terrible interface type for a camera, especially one where settings need to be changed on the fly, plus the menu layout is good, and fast with buttons dials, and the little joystick (multicontroller) touchscreen simply mucks up the screen and makes screwing up in menus easy.

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