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1D4 & 60D Tidbits [CR1]

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1D4 & 60D
I received an email that suggested select 1D4 and 60D’s are being tested with 3″ OLED screens. Most of the test cameras are equipped with LCD screens.

USB 3.0
1D4 to be USB 3.0 ready. The initial camera shipments may come with it locked out, and be later turned on with a firmware upgrade as the spec reaches the masses sometime in 2010.

note: I don’t have the technical knowledge to know if you can turn on usb 3.0 at a later date. If anyone has some insight, i’d appreciate it.

GPS & Wifi
The source says GPS will be built into the 1D4 and not the 60D. Wifi will be an addon product for both cameras.

The same email states August 25, 2009 for the official announcement.


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  1. Yea me to. I can only talk from my own experience.
    NHL, NFL, Premiere Leauge, F1.
    From Dec 2008 >now.
    5DmkII with me all the time.
    It’s all about rights. Otherwise we could hijack the stream and put it on our website directly.
    It’s easy to do, but we haven’t got the rights to do it so our ass would sued.
    Same thing if you put up a videoclip from an event when someone bought the rights for it.
    I hope you can se the logic in it!

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I currently only have zooms and am contemplating stepping into primes. Unfortunately not living in a capital city our local camera shops only carry the cheaper 50mm f1.8 in stock. Anything else I would have to order. I am contemplating the 50mm f1.2 but its a lot of money to outlay over and above the 50mm f1.4 without knowing whether there is really that much difference. I currently shoot weddings and a little studio work part time with a old 30D but have been hanging out to see what the 60D and the 1D come out with as to what I upgrade to next. The 5D Mark II really interested me as well but the FPS is holding me back from getting one. Any other wedding photographers have any suggestions?

  3. Whats the problem with USB 3.0? If you think about it…How often does Canon update its xD bodies? And since it’ll have the video capabilites and all that stuff…large files too. So they are anticipating for the future. Though its not use now, but when 3.0 is widely available, the owner can transfer the data faster in the future. Its an easy and cheap upgrade for them. Why not do it now, then wait for the mrk5 to come out then do it. By then we’ll have USB 4.0.

  4. Carl: The results on my iPhone vary quite drastically from yours. No idea on how that plays out on something with a serious battery, though. –j

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