1Ds Mark IV
A link has been spread across the web showing a 1Ds Mark IV price, as well as the ability to order the camera.

For the moment I have not published the link, as I've been burned before by products being added to store sites and getting free click through advertising.

In this case, I need more than a model name and a megapixel count, I posted terrible 1Ds4 info in the past and I do not want to do it again.

50D Stock
Stock of the 50D has been depleted by a bunch of stores in Canada. Future Shop has none in their warehouse and do not anticipate ever seeing anymore arrive. London Drugs in Canada have also ceased sales of the 50D in Canada I've been told.

I spoke with Canon Canada and they have none in stock and gave me the usual “2 weeks” to get more.

60D Camera Images
I've been sent a lot of links to 60D shots, all of which are less than well done Photoshop jobs.

“There will be no 60D”
This has been reported, but none of my sources agree with the sentiment.  One has said the xxD line will continue, however the camera could take a slightly different form this time around.


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  1. Son of Einstein on

    It was thought of like that originally, but not anymore, buy EF-S lenses to suit you, the smaller format will not be dropped for the foreseeable future.

  2. > Now you are just arguing,

    Really? If that’s so, I’m not the only one.

    > Funny you should mention Hasselblad, I have done work
    > for them too. When did they make a high speed small
    > format square camera? Because that was what I was
    > referring to when I said there is no enthusiasm for
    > this square format. But do you know how few they sell
    > a year? Do you know how much they cost? Do you think
    > a lower volume smaller but faster format would sell
    > for much less?

    Your obfuscating my point. You made broad statements that there were “no benefits” and “no enthusiasm” for square formats. That just doesn’t hold water. Hasselblad, Mamiya TLR and Bronica SQ were the top choice of many of the best photographers in the business for decades, including sports photographers. I’ve seen them in use by Sports Illustrated photographers at multiple college and professional basketball games. I witnessed Neil Leifer using Hasselblad while shooting stills for the production of the movie “Blue Chips.”

    Square gives maximum cropping flexibility in the final image, offers maximum flexibility for mounting remote cameras, eliminates the need for rotating flash brackets, and takes the guesswork out of some aspects of sports photography (will it be a vertical leaping catch or a horizontal diving catch?).

    Sure, square formats and medium formats in general have been pushed aside by digital technology in the modern age, but the reasons that made them the best choice for many photographers for many years are still just as valid today.

    > No, your original point was it should be cheap and
    > easy for Canon to make a square format camera that
    > could use current lenses.

    Thanks for telling me what my original point was, but I didn’t say anything about “cheap and easy.” I’m not an engineer, but I know what would help me as a photographer. Canon certainly has some of the best engineers in the business and I’m sure they aren’t afraid of something that’s not “easy.”

    All I ever said is that a 22.3mm square makes more sense than a 32mm square. You may not agree 22.3mm square makes any sense at all (certainly your prerogative), but you’ve said over and over in multiple ways that 32mm square makes less sense. On that we agree.

    > It is just engineering, not a personal feeling, your
    > square formats will not be made for EF or EF-S lenses.

    I guess we’ll see.

  3. Son of Einstein on

    It is funny how we can read each others comments and completely miss the point. In the spirit of my first post. The 22.3 square makes no sense, to Canon, especially as you can already buy a 24mm square sensor kit, the 32mm square does make sense to Canon but has too many engineering issues, they are legacy issues from the original design of the EF/EOS system, to be viable.

    We will see, but don’t hold your breath :-)

  4. At MediaMarkt. There was a discount on all cameras last week, reducing the price of the 50D by €90. I got it tuesday! so no stock problems here.

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