Spec lists
I just wrote in the last post that I wouldn't post detailed spec lists because they're rarely, if ever true.

However, it looks like [NL] received the same email we did. I'll post the spec list now for your entertainment.

5D Mark III

  • 24MP
  • Pro grade AF (not 7D like)
  • 2 stops better ISO than 5D mk II
  • Digic V
  • 6 fps
  • New video codec, not Raw. MPEG 4:2:2, new video functions such as tracking focus in video mode
  • Compact body with improved weather sealed
  • Same introduction price as the predecessor

1Ds Mark IV

  • 54MP (no low pass filter)
  • Decent 6400 ISO performance
  • Same AF as 1D Mark IV
  • 14 stops DR
  • 16 bit Raw file (mode to be confirmed)
  • Digic V
  • Limited new HD video function in comparison with the 5D III

New GPS and wireless device accessories will be introduced around the same time.

Other bits of information from the same email.

  • All current L lens  can perform at the level of the 1Ds sensor resolution,there is no low pass filter in front of the sensor  and there is  digital on/off software switch to reduce moire.
  • Video function in the new 1Ds is not as  complete  as the one on  the 5D mk II and due the massive data reading of the sensor there is  no MPEG  4:2:2 coded.
  • It seems that in one of the prototype there was an option to shoot 16bit Raw  files that this option cut  down dramatically the fps.
  • It's rumored that Canon will also announced one zoom and 2 prime lens with the Ds camera.

As I said earlier, I'm not a big fan or believer of  in-depth spec lists on cameras that are still more than a month away from announcement. If I didn't post this, I'd get a ton of emails since it appeared on another popular rumor site. Rock and a hard place sort of thing.

Check the previous post for something I think is a bit more believable. I do hope some of you can point out any obvious flaws in this spec list that I have overlooked. Have fun!


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