The latest on the next 1Ds
I've received spots of info about the 1Ds over the last month or so. Some good stuff and some silly stuff (square sensor).

Release Date?
I've received a few dates, but the last one stated the 1st half of April 2010. The release would coincide with the new firmware for the 5D Mark II.

The specs are basically the 1D Mark IV with a 32mp sensor and a much slower framerate. There has been no mention of any new 1Ds only features outside of the sensor.

Could there be some advances in the movie mode? I could definitely see that being a possibility. The movie feature of digital SLR's (especially from Canon) has been great for sales.

Expect a price tag of $8499 USD.

Camera Testing?
No third party currently has a 1Ds Mark IV. They should make their way into selected pro hands sometime in the next couple of months.

Photokina in September?
This camera could be released for Photokina. This was the original timeframe for the 1Ds4.



  1. I’m a still photographer who used to think the focus on video features was stupid. But as 5D Mark II team pointed out, the success of full HD on the low noise 5DII has dramatically pushed up sales. I know plenty of people working with video that want to buy one now, because the quality is excellent and the lens selection is perfect. Moreover, for video people all these cameras and lenses are extremely cheap in comparison to their normal gear. I have a meeting with a friend who makes films in a couple of days to discuss with him the camera and lenses his studio should acquire to shoot ENTIRE FILMS on a dSLR. When I was in NY, I met a woman whose director wanted to switch to 5D IIs for their television work. Canon is making a lot of money on that feature. It’s true most still photographers don’t care and don’t use it, but the film people will continue to finance more research by Canon on this front. It’s going to get a lot bigger in the next few years. I totally agree though, that some 32 MP sensor with no to little improvement on noise is way worse a decision than an improved 21 MP sensor that shoots in the dark relatively cleanly.

  2. i am a professional sports photographer, i also cover magazine celebrity events and wedding…

    i am using a 5d mark II..honestly..yes i am happy with the performance of it…but…i hope they did not put video on it..instead…increased the frames per second…

    everyone is right about canon..and they are losing photographers …. most pro i know have switched to nikon….i did not choose to switch to nikon yet since i still have complete lens lineup… but what could make me decide to switch …hey canon…..let me ask you this…why up to now, there is no camera that you have produced that can shoot sports with a Full Frame sensor? huh?… 7d is not full frame…1d Mark IV is not full frame…1Ds has slow fps…it cannot shoot sports…

    why up to now there hasn’t any?

    Nikon has D3, D3s….

  3. and i dont need your 32 megapixels ..please!!!! and neither do we want to spend $8499 for a slow FF camera …….what we need are faster fps, good image quality at high iso low light performance and good AF……we do not print billboards here..most of us dont…

    please listen to the consumers….consumers are those who use cameras…photographers, semi pros, hobbyists and professionals.. what we need is what u should satisfy….

    that is why most have switched and most are switching to nikon now….it is because you cannot up to now, satisfy the needs of the consumers….

    please canon please… wake up!

  4. Resolution is over rated. With modern resolution standards; noise levels, dynamic range and pixel clarity matter more. I would love to see a lower resolution camera that had exceptionally good noise levels at high ISO. I shoot professionally, and my 11mp files(1ds) made amazing posters at 2′ by3′. My 1ds mark 2 is higher detail, but its image is better for other reasons.

  5. As much as nobody needs 412 hp in a car, some of us love it. The same goes with a camera. I am supremily satisfied with my 16.7 mp 1ds mark 2, but I can’t wait to see It’s successor. Honestly I think my current camera could work for me for another 5 or 10 years, but I will replace it before then.

    I think a professional camera having the ability to take a picture mid video is pretty useless. I’m speaking from a professional use perspective only.

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