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I received this information today.

1Ds Mk IV will not have sensor cleaning since Canon has removed the 3-layer low pass filter to improve per-pixel acutance and microcontrast. Microlenses over the sensels would also not be 100% gapless like other recent Canon sensors because of M9-style offset microlenses to capture more light in the edges of the FF sensor.


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  1. Read it again, fanboi, the rumor said it would *not* have 100% coverage/gapless microlenses, same as the 5D2 and 1Ds3 sensor, which are incidentally, full-frame sensors, while the smaller sensors in the 1D4, 50D, 500D, 7D, 550D all have these gapless 100% coverage microlenses. Take that into consideration.

  2. Michael B 66 on

    In my opinion, sensor cleaning does not depend on AA filters. If you shake the AA filter unit or the sensor that doesn’t make any difference. Just, you need a stronger “shaker unit” for the heavier sensor.

    But what about exchangeable sensors … with AA for those who want/need it, without AA for those, who don’t want ist. 12 MPix full frame for the sleepless night photographers, 30+- MPix full frame for landscape and studio photographers?

    I know that the sensor is a very expensive unit in the camera, but who would like to buy a new camera for a new sensor and to learn everything newly?

  3. Yeah I did…but is it not parading gapless microlenses technology as a panacea? I’m not saying the person things of it as a panacea, but they are still in that mindset of it as an even credible piece of technological progress. As in… it was highly touted, but not used in this camera because they don’t think it should have been paraded as gapless microlenses technology

    so yeah.

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