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1Ds Mark IV & Lenses [CR2]

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About time someone spoke up
A CR regular has piped up about the massive announcement of new gear coming from Canon.

I’m told to expect 2 separate announcements, one for the prosumer market and one for the pro market.

Announcement 1

  • 60D Type of camera, it could be called something else.
  • The EF-S 60mm Macro will receive IS.
  • There is a “murmur” that a new 70-300 type of lens could also be announced.
  • This will be the first announcement.

Announcement 2

  • The 1Ds Mark IV will be announced
  • EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS will be announced
  • A new f/4 wide angle with IS
  • A new L prime, unknown as to which will get replaced. The 35mm isn’t a guarantee.
  • A new Flash
  • New accessories
  • This will be the 2nd announcement and the big news for Photokina

The source says amendments could be made over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.


248 responses to “1Ds Mark IV & Lenses [CR2]”

  1. single digit is “pro” camera – it won’t be that – the 2 digit numbers make sense

    1000 – entry
    550 – entry but better
    50 – “pro sumer)
    7,5,1 entry pro to pro

  2. and still more than those two “high volume discounters” that together don’t order as much stock as bestbuy – you make it sound like each best buy store is ordering alone… BB is a rip off

  3. i for one wish that the lens wasn’t a 24-70 at all but rather a 24-85 or better yet a 20-70. I wish they would give me something new…
    the old standard was 35-70 then 28-70 then 24-70 = give me something new

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