Coming February?
Another good source feels that the 1Ds4 will be announced in February.

From what's been heard, the 1Ds4 will contain some 7D design features. There were no specifics given.

Electronic level comes to mind for me.

5D Mark II Price Drop
The 5D2 seems to be dropping in price. It's $200 less at B&H. I'm not at home right now to confirm official price drops or dealer rebates.

The Nikon D900 is coming, perhaps that's the reason.


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  1. Pretty interesting stuff you guys have to say. I own a 1DsMark111. I put my skills a little below pro. This camera is great for my needs, mainly architectural. A lot of my shots are from a tripod, with the 16-35L. I was hoping to see the video capture feature in a IDsMarkIV. Right now I like to shoot some video for my work as well and use a GL2. I’m only after good quality shorts for renovation job site progress clips. It would be very nice to go up to HD, but will the system work? What do you think we can expect? I think if the video capacity is added, and it is good, others might be talked into trading their Mark111 in.

  2. definitely think the glass is more important than the body.

    own a 5D. havent seen any new body that makes me want to upgrade. so i always opt for more glass.

    mark iv looks like what i want but the. cropped sensor is a tough buy for me. definitely dont want to go back to cropped sensor.

    have to admit that nikons bodies are much more enticing than what canon has been putting out. but i have 5L lenses so cant really jump ship.

    not sure why they chose to do a usm ii of the 70-200L lens.

    cmon canon. what are you thinking?

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