A spotting of a 1Ds Mark IV? (Fake)
Folks love this sort of fodder. Is this an actualy promotional video from Canon? Did Cameras Direct make the video? Did the Australia retailer doctor the image? Did they just download a mockup to get some clicks?

p256862749 3 150x114 - 1Ds Mark IV Sighting?
1Ds Mark IV - Real or Fake?

There is also the image at DPReview we showed you a while ago, and STILL appears on DPR's site in the 1D Mark IV review. The camera is a 1Ds, not a 1D.

We know a 1Ds Mark IV is coming, this isn't news. The issue still remains when. If promotional materials were already out there, and they have been leaked early in the past. An announcement could be soon.

For now, I will call fake. I just don't get why they'd take the time. Viral marketing test?

Have a great Friday.

thanks Rod


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  1. Nikon Dude (not a troll) on

    Pentax are good for one thing, making people feel good about buying their non-pro Canon cameras with joke AF and more megapixels than anyone could possibly need.

  2. Nikon Dude (not a troll) on

    One thing’s for sure.

    The 1DsIV will still not be able to use FD lenses, unlike my Nikon which can still use my 50 year old lenses I got from granddad.

  3. Photograph with their minds? You are full of brown crap. The Nikon man is right, a Nikon D3s is a professional tool. A 5D2 is a block of cheap plastic badly made to make canon profit. The build quality, I.E it squeeks as you hold it – Like a frightened mouse along with it’s obvious interpolation from what is probably a 6 megapixel chip is apparant.

    There are good and bad 5D2’s in terms of IQ. there are only bad 5D2’s when it comes to build, reliability and speed. The Nikon is king and has sharp results wide open.

    The 5D2 is a great light camera for a semi-professional. but it is not a tool or a weapon or a machine gun.

    And if photographers photograph with their minds – it certainly doesn’t set mine at ease. The consistent, fast, strong, workhorse dependibility of the Nikon does.

    So please consider that before you call someone an ignorant child. Which it seems you are.

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