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1Ds Mark IV Typo?

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Just a fun post
In a rare move, DPReview with a typo! or is it?

1ds4typo - 1Ds Mark IV Typo?
1Ds Mark IV?

Just wanted to point out the camera in this picture is NOT the 1D Mark IV.

thanks for the tip


60 responses to “1Ds Mark IV Typo?”

  1. Thats the Best comment: So its def. at the frontdoor:
    * New or changed compared to the EOS-1Ds Mark III

  2. That’s a 50mm EF-S lens attached to it if I’m not mistaken. That would mean that it’s not a full-frame 1Ds, no?

    Ergo, 1D, not 1Ds.

  3. It’s def not a MkIV

    The 1DmkIV has an extra *hump* in the front for the HDMI connection….I would assume the new 1ds would support HDMI as well and therefore the same hump would be present…and it’s not.

    Also, a direct overlay with the 1Ds image shows it’s identical.

    Lazy reviewers =P

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