Apparently the 1Ds Mark IV is in testing and is said to be “production ready”.

The following are some of the rumored key features.

  • 32MP
  • Looks like a 1D4 with a bigger bump on top
  • New sRAW modes
  • Feels very similar to use to the 1D4
  • AF looks to be the same as the 1D4
  • Similar features to 1D4 in most areas – inc. ISO
  • Low light performance noticeably improved on 1Ds3
  • 5FPS
  • The users are very happy at the image quality for a range of studio/location work.

From Northlight



  1. I disagree. You can always lower resolution in postprocessing if you like. When ISO setting is high, say, 3200, there won’t be any noticeable difference between a 32 megapixel and a 21 megapixel photo when printed. In other words noise per picture will be the same, while per pixel a 32 megapixel sensor will certainly yield more noise, which of course doesn’t matter. It matters though when ISO is low, say, 400, then a 32 megapixel photo will look a lot better (or to be more precise, it will have a higher resolution) than a 21 megapixel photo. The only real downside of high resolution is the larger size of photos in terms of megabytes. It is a clear disadvantage if you are into sports. Canon should go as high as they can in terms of resolution.

    My prediction is 33 megapixels for the 1Ds Mark IV.

    As far as video is concerned a camcorder should not be replaced by a camera, rather on the contrary. Camcorders are far more advanced and expensive and not only do they require external lighting but mics as well, besides footage should always be edited, ALWAYS.

  2. To 50/50:

    the-digital-picture struggles a lot with their 7D. In fact, their 7D results are not reproducible by many.

    If you simply want to dismiss the 7D vs 450D comparison to a mere difference in local contrast, so be it. But you CANNOT deny that the 7D is NOT any softer than the 450D even at the so-called diffraction limit of f/11.

  3. You’ve been going around disseminating false info about the 7D. Do you own one? Obviously you don’t. I have BOTH 450D and 7D and can compare them directly myself. Can you?

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