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1Ds Mark IV

Apparently the 1Ds Mark IV is in testing and is said to be “production ready”.

The following are some of the rumored key features.

  • 32MP
  • Looks like a 1D4 with a bigger bump on top
  • New sRAW modes
  • Feels very similar to use to the 1D4
  • AF looks to be the same as the 1D4
  • Similar features to 1D4 in most areas – inc. ISO
  • Low light performance noticeably improved on 1Ds3
  • 5FPS
  • The users are very happy at the image quality for a range of studio/location work.

From Northlight


254 responses to “1Ds Mark IV”

  1. 50D is a great camera! I concur! Used my friend’s… whoa… far better than my 450D anyday… but the 5DII IQ beats 50D anytime haha XD

  2. according to old discussions as I have came across in my research. There seems to be plenty of discussions regarding CCD is much better than CMOS. Like the original 1Ds, uses CCD, but I heard that 1Ds takes up so much batt that one must have an extra when shooting an assignment.

    CCD are said to have higher DR and better IQ. But it is also said that it overheats quickly and less sensitive than CMOS sensors.

    This make sense too i think, considering many high end medium format cams still uses CCD sensors… but having said that, I believe most pro photog also uses low iso in their medium format for the best pic quality. But hey… I;m not a sensor engineer XD so I dont really care and better be content with what I have lol

  3. 32 MPx is way too much.
    I wish Canon would have kept it to 21 MPx and increase the ISO performance.
    Anyhow I m looking forward to this Awesome camera.
    Any news on the movie mode??? Maybe canon would introduce over cranking and provide 60fps on 1080p?

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