1Ds Mark IV Points (Direct Quotes) (CR1)
1. The announcement of 1Ds4 is coming in the very near future.

2. We are expected to see some breakthrough on 1Ds4 that we've never seen on any DSLR, such as the compatibility to USB 3.0.

5D Mark III (Direct Quote) (CR1)
1. The release of 5D3 depends on the successor of Nikon D700. That is, 5D2 has beaten D700 since it was released.

There's no any other FF DSLR can compete with 5D2 in the current DSLR market; hence, for Canon, it's not necessary to replace it recently.

*CR's Note: Presumably this means the 5D2 has outsold the D700.

4. 5D3 will be equipped with better AF system, though it won't be as good as the 19-point AF system like 7D.

5. 5D3 may not come before October, 2010.

EF-24-70 f/2.8L IS (CR2)
This info comes from a known source who's been right a couple of times.

The new 24-70 is “done” and is in the hands of the marketing department for release.  There is still no timetable.


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  1. Still Waiting on

    So where’s the 24-70 with IS? All the predictions seem to have been wrong…I guess I just don’t understand the lag in getting this lens out to paying customers. What is Canon thinking?

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