From inside the 1D Mark IV 1.0.6 Firmware
52b2b6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K252 = 500d
52b2d6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K215 = 1ds 3
52b2f2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K169 = 1d m3
52b30e [GYO]CameraModleID = K176 = 450d
52b32a [GYO]CameraModleID = K190 = 40d
52b346 [GYO]CameraModleID = K218 = 5d m2
52b362 [GYO]CameraModleID = K250 = 7d
52b56e [GYO]CameraModleID = K270 = unknown!!!
52b58a [GYO]CameraModleID = K261 = 50d
52b5a6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K281 = 1d m4
52b5c2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K287 = unknown !!!
52b5de [GYO]CameraModleID = K254 = 1000d
52b5fa [GYO]CameraModleID = OTHER

Model ID's are from

I'm literally pulled over other side of the road making this post. I haven't had time to check this info out. Have at her.

Isn't USB internet great? The iPad would have actually been handy right now. :)

thanks ARM


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  1. @stuart: you are not far from a good guess…;-)time will tell…with the advantage, that the 25k pictures maybe get as usable as the 12k of the 7D due to less MP crammed on a crop sensor…I was bad in physics…therefore I cannot give an empirical proof to that. my two cents dream only

  2. You know all these people buying “the latest and greatest” cameras just set it on P-rofessional mode anyway.

    Skilled photographers shoot manual, spot meter, use FEL, and select white balance based on conditions.

    All the fancy auto algorithms prevent them from getting what they want and introduce unpredictability to the final product.

  3. I heard (wish) it’s the 6D. A 7D with an improved 5D (12MP) sensor. Come on Canon give me what I want.

    Hell freezes over first I’m affraid.

    Just like all the frustrated wedding photographers here, I was not asked by Canon when they were creating the 7D. I wonder who they have asked?

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